A Must Have, Can’t Do Without Need, When Purchasing A Home

Find Yourself an Experienced, Proven, Homebuyers Representative!


3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

(1) If you were really sick or injured, would you treat yourself or go to a doctor/physician?
(2) If you had a legal problem and you were going before a judge, would you hire an attorney?
(3) Suppose you had money to invest, would you handle theinvestment yourself or get advice from a financial advisor?

If the answers to these questions were obvious to you, then why wouldn’t you hire an experienced real estate professional who assists homebuyers and helps them make the very best home buying decisions? You’re going to purchase one of the most expensive items you’ll ever purchase in your entire life! Wouldn’t you want information that is vital to knowing what a property is worth on this huge investment? It DOES matter who you choose to represent you! Would you want a doctor, attorney or a financial advisor straight out of school or someone who’s been in the business and has helped hundreds of clients already?

Here’s a few very important reasons why you want the help of a real estate professional:

  1. Price. A real estate professional has access to the most recent sales data that will help you determine a fair price. You need this Information! Don’t be fooled and go by the tax assessment because in most cases, the information isn’t accurate. Price also isn’t determined by what other homes are listed for. It’s the closed sales that provide the most accurate information that determines home values.
  2. Negotiations. Have you ever purchased a vehicle and had to haggle with the salesperson over the price or any of the extra’s that you wanted? Was it uncomfortable? Your Realtor will do all the haggling for you, taking much of the stress that comes with negotiating away from you. He or she has a code of ethics to abide by and they’re required to look after your best interest at all times and provide you with information to help you make the very best decisions. Not all real estate agents are Realtors so you might want to ask the agent you’re working with if they’re a Realtor.
  3. Financing. Think your bank or financial institution is giving you the best deal? Think again. Shop around and compare. An established real estate professional might know of a financial institution that could save you thousands of dollars. At the very least, they could help your bank give you better financing.
  4. Inspections. You don’t want just any inspector doing the home inspection. Your experienced real estate professional will know of a licensed, bonded and insured inspector that will inspect all the major components of the home, so you’ll know what to expect before you close on the home, not afterwards when it’s too late to get the seller to correct any malfunctions.
  5. Paperwork. There’s a tremendous amount of paperwork that goes with purchasing a home. Your representative will keep all the important documents in order.
  6. BEST OF ALL. In most cases, you won’t have to pay a dime to your homebuyers representative. Ask them how they’re paid. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  7. As you can see, there are a lot of details that come into play when you’re purchasing a home. If a homebuyers real estate representative is a FREE service to you, and they’re going to assist you with all the details of a home purchase, then why wouldn’t you want to use their knowledge and experience that could help you save thousands of dollars.? If you don’t have someone representing your best interest and you’re looking to purchase a home, don’t hesitate to contact Joe Nastasi by phone
    at 210 477-4888. He’s got a guarantee for Homebuyers that no one else is offering. You want what he has to offer!

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